Survey objectives and process

Thank you for taking this survey.  The survey focuses on the implementation of the UK Life Sciences Strategy, part of which will be via the Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC). Your wisdom and the practical experience will serve as a core input into the MDC plans.

The purpose of the survey is to

1. Understand how strong the UK is in basic and translational science in various diseases relative to the US and other major countries

2. Identify promising drug discovery technologies that could help create the UK’s next rapidly growing drug discovery or life sciences company or sector

3. Get your feedback as to how easy it is for SMEs and industry to collaborate preclinically with UK’s leading academic biomedical centres

The survey results will be analysed and shared in aggregate, so your responses are confidential.

Most of the survey is multiple choice. There is no right or wrong answer – we want your opinion. The methodology relies on the “wisdom of an expert crowd”, so please choose the response that is closest to your opinion for the disease area in which you have an in-depth expertise.

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.
If you have a more detailed idea or proposal you would like to share, or any questions, please send it directly to the consultants running the work on our behalf at We would love to hear from you.