Survey Monkey questions to be asked of Quaker Life Reps re Quaker Week 1-9 October 2016

* 3. Did your meeting make use of any of the following?

  During Quaker Week In preparation before Quaker Week
Four new posters ‘Inspired by faith’
Historic Peace Posters
Other Posters
Outreach Handbook
New expressions of Quaker Community manual
A day with Friends pack
Sharing’s our meetings stories book
Being Friends Together
Postcards for enquirers’ packs
Free leaflets from Friends House
Children & Young People leaflets
Locally produced leaflets
Media Training Day in September 2016

* 5. What was done to offer welcome and encouragement to new comers?

* 9. What short term effect, if any, has there been on the life of the meeting?

* 10. What other forms of outreach has your meeeting undertaken during 2016?


* 12. Please share your personal feedback about Quaker Week in your Meeting?

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