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The GLACIER study is an international study to capture global variations in practice concerning open and laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair. This will also help us to understand on how different surgeons deal with their inguinal hernia patients perioperatively. 

All responses will be analysed anonymously, and no effort will be made to analyse data of each respondent. By continuing, you are giving us permission to use your cumulative data for scientific purposes and service improvement. We might include this in conference presentations and publications arising from this data.

This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Your contribution and feedback is highly appreciated. 

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Kushan Nanayakkara
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Prof. Kamal Mahawar
Sarfaraz Baig
Prof. Jacob Rosenberg
Prof. Michael Rosen 
Prof. Aali Sheen
Elliot Goodman 
Ajita Prabhu
Brijesh Madhok (brijesh.madhok@gmail.com)
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