* 1. In addition to continuing to use telephone, postal and face-to-face customer services, we are proposing to increase electronic access to our services, including the internet and email. Do you think we are correct to invest £500,000 in IT in 2018/19 to enable this to happen?

* 2. What services would you like to use our website for?

* 3. We are legally obliged to facilitate recycling, but we are not meeting national targets. We are required to collect glass, cans, plastic, paper and card separately from the doorstep, and are preparing to run a new doorstep collection service from April, which will improve our current recycling rate.
We need to recycle more, and to help you, we are looking to introduce new bags and boxes to make it easier for you. Our current preferred option is to distribute a mix of stackable boxes and bags to enable the sorting of recycling for collection. This is the most affordable option and will cost us £9 per household and a maximum of £288,000 in total.

A second option, of a trolley with stackable boxes, is too cost prohibitive to provide to each household at almost £1 million. However, subject to demand, would you consider purchasing your own, at an initial cost of £28 (plus the potential cost of replacing  parts)?

* 4. We are looking to increase our capacity and invest £1.5million in our bereavement services by:
-        Installing a second cremator
-        Building an additional small chapel for more intimate services
-        Remodelling part of the crematorium
-        Strengthening the management of our cemeteries
Do you support our ambitions?

* 5. We have not increased our crematorium charges for the past two years. However, we will now need to raise our charges in line with inflation, and this will represent a 2.4 per cent rise in 2018/19 on the cost of both crematorium and interment charges for residents.
We welcome your comments on this proposal.

* 6. We propose a council tax increase of 1.95 per cent, which is less than the rate of inflation. Page 2 of this document shows how we spent your money in 2017/18, and we need to increase our share of council tax to maintain the services we provide for you.
We welcome your comments on this proposal.

* 7. We plan to raise all fees and charges by 2.4 per cent in line with current inflation rates. These include planning, licensing, car parking and The Beacon Museum. Page 2 of this document shows how we spent your money in 2017/18. We need to increase fees and charges to maintain the services we provide for you.
We welcome your comments on this proposal.

* 8. We own and maintain public areas. In addition, we bid for work and are looking to increase our commercial approach to grounds maintenance and grass cutting.
We welcome your comments on this proposal

* 9. There are currently 1,230 empty homes in Copeland, spread evenly across the borough and we want to continue working with owners to reduce this number and bring them back into residential use.
Do you support us finding external grants to do this?

* 10. We produce a monthly electronic residents’ magazine Copeland Matters. Is this something you already know and about and read, and would you want us to invest in producing a printed copy?
We welcome your comments.

* 11. We propose to keep our Council Tax Support Scheme as it currently stands. Making the most vulnerable people in society pay a proportion of their council tax before calculating their entitlement to support will affect over 3,400 and their families. It costs £1.75 per household per year. Do you support our proposal to maintain the scheme on its existing basis?

* 12. What other suggestions would you like to make to the Mayor in terms of his budget?