Unsung Hero Award Nomination

This award recognises all our unsung heroes that have clearly gone above and beyond the requirements of their ‘day jobs’ in pursuit of high quality patient care and / or the delivery of an excellent level of support to their colleagues / teams. These are the people known by their colleagues as committed and passionate, who go about their job in a professional manner, giving their support generously to those around them and who will often be the last people to shout about their successes.  Individuals that people relay on, often working in the background to keep services going.   

The judging panel will be looking for evidence in the following areas:

How the individual regularly exhibits a willingness to go above and beyond in providing the best possible service.

How the individual makes a unique contribution to their colleagues, the service, service users and/or carers.

How the individual demonstrates outstanding service, commitment, reliability and loyalty.

Specific examples of when the individual has made a difference.

How the individual always provides high levels of support to their colleagues.
* We would advise including a testimonial from people that have worked with the unsung hero to support your application.