The Reading and Writing Scales

A year ago the CLPE, EMC,  NATE, NAAE and UKLA developed and launched the Reading and Writing Scales. We are trying to find out how they are being used.  We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to tell us how you are using the scales in your workplace.

* 1. Where do you work?

* 2. Are you using the reading and writing scales in your school or setting?

* 3. How did you first find out about the scales? 

* 4. How are you using them in your school or setting? (To support my own teaching in my class / Across our year group / Across our whole school).

* 5. Would you be prepared to talk to a member of our steering group? Please leave your email address if so.

* 6. Would you like CLPE to contact you about our training and free resources? We will never share your data with anyone.