Information about answering the survey

Thank you for taking the time to undertake this survey.

Most new building incurs a development tax called the Community Infrastructure Levy.  This levy has created £170,000 for spending in Weybridge.  

This fund need not be spent now but may be saved to use for other projects that could be proposed in the future.  

The decision on these proposals will be taken on Tuesday, 8 March in the Weybridge Local Spending Board of which Cllr Andrew Davis is a member.  He wants to hear your thoughts before he attends the meeting. 

Please consider whether you think that these proposals are:
  • more important than your top priorities for Weybridge (money spend on these proposals means less or none for others that might come along later)
  • fine in principle but not in detail
  • provide sufficient detail for a decision to be made
  • better partially funded or match funded
  • fine but conditions need to be given
Further information may be found at

We know that the questions we have asked can leave you wanting to give further details.  We have left ample space for this at the end of the survey