Dear UniProt User

We are asking you to answer the following questions to help us to decide what areas to prioritize in our upcoming grant renewal application. We thank you in anticipation of you taking the time to assist us with this.

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* 1. Please select the category which best describes your current role

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* 2. Which country are you currently working in?

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* 3. How often do you visit the UniProt website

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* 4. Which UniProt data or service do you use? (You may make multiple choices)

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* 5. What would be the impact on your work if UniProt was no longer maintained?

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* 6. We are asking you to rank the following list from 1-10 to help us to decide what to prioritize as we move UniProt forward over the next few years. A full description of each category is included below, to help you make your decision.

Would you like to see UniProt improve its representation of:

a. Post-translational modifications (for example inclusion of high-throughput datasets, identification of modifying enzyme(s) and functional consequences of modification).

b. Protein interactions and protein complexes (for example enabling network navigation, presenting binding domain detail and displaying protein complex content, function and topology).

c. Proteoforms (for example generation of specific proteoforms from selected features, links to functional data and generation of a personal proteoform by enabling upload of a VCF file).

d. Gene/protein expression data at the tissue level (for example data visualization, inclusion of selected high-thoughput datasets).

e. Gene/protein expression at the cell level (for example inclusion of single cell transcriptomics/proteomics data)

f. Protein - disease representation (for example use of disease ontologies, incorporation of genomic data from disease cohorts, enabling target validation, visualization of host-pathogen relationships, displaying drug/agro-chemical binding)

g. Enable/enhance community annotation (for example extending user's ability to provide additional literature with comments/tags to indication Function, Subcellular location, PTMs etc)

h. Homology and orthology relationships (for example enable comparison of sequence features and annotations between model organisms orthologs)

i. Data from new techniques (for example mutagenesis data from deep mutational scanning, single cell data, gene editing)

j. Improve range of tools (for example tools designed to enable interpretation of variant data, map metabolomics data to proteomics and genomic data)

Rank on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the area you would most like to see us improve in UniProt

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* 7. If you rated 'Data from novel techniques' highly, please list the experimental techniques you would like to see us incorporating data from.

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* 8. If you rated 'Improve range of tools' highly, please describe what tools you would like to see added or what capabilities you would like us to design into new tools.

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* 9. If there are improvements to UniProt you would like but which we have not added to this list, please add your comments here.

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