All about Margo's and why we need your help

We want your help in shaping a new concept in women’s health and wellbeing – Margo’s. The questionnaire is short, confidential and anonymous and your answers will be invaluable in helping women get the support they deserve.

Margo’s is all about women’s sexual wellbeing. Combining fun, information, friendliness and discretion, our mission is unapologetically about helping women have the most enjoyable and fulfilling sex lives possible. We will do this by providing a fun and informative retail experience that is sophisticated yet comfortable, informative yet enjoyable, professional yet intimate. As well as retail and information, Margo's will work with specialists to offer workshops and activities covering a wide range of topics such as: sex after the menopause or childbirth, yoga therapy, couples’ sex therapy.

Margo's is still developing and by answering this questionnaire, you will help determine exactly how it will look and the services we will offer.  The survey is just 10 simple questions and will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Remember - The survey is completely anonymous and confidential.  But if you want to know more and get involved in Margo's development, please look at the website or email

Thank you so much for your help and your time.