You don’t need to give your name. 

* 1. Do you think anyone can get TB?

* 2. Do you think you can get TB in any part of your body?

* 3. Do you think a person can get TB from...

  Yes No Don't Know
Living in overcrowded conditions?
By sharing dishes, toothbrush or kissing someone with TB?

* 4. Do you think that TB is an inherited condition that runs in the family?

* 5. Do you think that if a person has dormant (sleeping/no symptoms) of TB they can spread it to others?

* 6. Do you think

  Yes No Don't Know
Treating 'sleeping TB' prevents active TB (with symptoms)?
People with HIV are more likely to get TB?

* 7. How many of the following do you think are symptoms of TB? 
Please tick as many as you think.

  Yes No Don't Know
Losing weight
Swollen Feet
Coughing up blood

* 8. Do you think a clear chest x-ray means that you do not have TB germs in your body?

* 9. Do you think the BCG vaccine will protect you from getting TB for your whole life?

* 10. Do you think that people should seek treatment for TB if they have a cough for more than 3 weeks?

* 11. Do you think that having a TB test or being treated for TB affects a person's immigration status in the UK?

* 12. Do you feel people in Reading know enough about TB?

* 13. Your feelings about TB.
Please tick one box in the scale

  1. you strongly disagree 2. you disagree somewhat 3. you agree somewhat 4. you strongly agree
TB is not relevant to me or my family
You are or would be embarrassed to tell people you had TB?
A person with TB will be traeated with respect by healthcare staff
You worry or would be worried about passing the TB germ to people you live with
Your friends/family may think badly of you