George Reid Dissertation Project

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, and help with my dissertation. The dissertation project is focused on participation in bowls, the outdoor 'lawn bowls' side in particular. 

Since playing bowls from a young age, I feel the sports participation rates are suffering. Also that the sport has a stigma, being considered a 'sport for older people', this could be stopping younger people taking it up, as they may feel embarrassed or that its 'uncool' .

Barriers to participation can restrict people from taking part, however the impact they have on bowls hasn't been researched. This survey wants to discover what effect they could be having on the sport and if people who play bowls have faced them before. In addition to this, the survey will try to understand how people, who play bowls, feel about the current state of the game. Do they feel enough is being done by Bowls England or County Associations to improve it and increase participation?

Thank you again, the survey should only take 3-5 minutes to complete!