This Freshers' Fayre Booking Form is only for student Clubs and Societies affiliated to their respective Students' Union. We encourage any London based Clubs and Societies to attend if they wish to recruit Birkbeck students to their Club or Society.


This year Birkbeck Students' Union will be holding its Freshers' Fayre on Saturday 29th September at Student Central, London (WC1E 7HY).  We will be based in the Venue part of the building.


This will be held the day after Student Central does their own Freshers' Fayre.


We require you to complete the document fully so that we would be able to verify your Club or Society and ensure that it is affiliated with your respective Students’ Union. We will also get in contact with you if there are any questions about your stall.


No submission of this form will result in your Club or Society from not being able to attend and be represented at the Freshers' Fayre. 

Privacy Notice: The information you provide us will only be used to confirm your Club or Society's eligibility to attend and to ensure that we have the correct details to contact you.

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* 1. Contact Details
If you are part of two or more societies, please submit them individually. We will confirm with your Students' Union regarding your affiliation status to ensure that you get a FREE stall hire.

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* 2. What size stall do you require (first come first serve; click here for stall information)

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* 3. Nature of business - what activity will your Club or Society do during Freshers' Fayre? (I.e. Recruit new members, distribute goodies, or play cricket on the spot)

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* 4. Please note here any special requests such as access to a power socket, personal access, or specific location. Whilst we will make every effort to cater to such requests, they are not always possible. If this is the case we will inform you in due course:

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* 5. Do you require vehicle access to Malet Street? And do you intend to have items delivered to Birkbeck for use of your stall?