STOP: A Tobacco Industry Watchdog to Accelerate Tobacco Control

A deadly problem
The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars deceiving consumers, journalists and policymakers. The result: 7 million people die from tobacco-related causes every year.
What is STOP?
STOP stands for Stopping TobaccoOrganizations and Products. It is a new, rigorous, comprehensive global tobacco industry watchdog that will expose the tobacco industry’s unethical business practices, attempts to undermine tobacco control, work to derail policy, and efforts to hook a new generation of smokers. STOP is a three-year project of robust monitoring, research and reporting, designed to align closely with existing tobacco control workand bolster current efforts.
How will we STOP the tobacco industry?
STOP partners will draw from cutting-edge research, technology and media experience to reduce the tobacco industry’s influence. Over the three years, STOP will:
  • Create a one-stop destination website, mobile app and tools tomake it easy for advocates, policy makers and journalists to rapidly access information on the tobacco industry;
  • Create a secure way for whistleblowers to report on tobacco industry practices;
  • Share analysis of internal industry documents and other cutting-edge industry research; 
  • Publish regular exposés on abuses and tactics;
  • Energize local media; and
  • Expose and counter the industry’s constant and dishonest public relations strategies.
How can I benefit from STOP?
You can already access information on the tobacco industry on, which will be regularly updated and expanded.
  • Within the next year, you will be able to benefit from the following:
  • A new website, including comprehensive information on tobacco industry interference;
  • Products and tools—including mobile apps and country-specific data—intended to empower and embolden advocates to fight industry interference in tobacco control policy;
  • Assistance from a rapid response team as requested;
  • Regular reports, communications and media coverage.