* 1. Did you attend the Elevate Mnemonics seminar?

* 2. Did you complete the first online survey?

* 3. When memorising notes, I'm likely to lie on my bed/couch

* 4. I find it hard to sit down and focus when I'm trying to memorise information

* 5. I'm likely to study with the TV on in the background

* 6. I am likely to be distracted by my phone when I'm studying

* 7. When memorising my notes, I am likely to do this mostly by:

* 8. Even though I memorise my notes, I am likely to find I need to cram outside the exam room:

* 9. I worry that I am likely to forget important information when I am writing a test

* 10. I believe I have been using a good system of memory up until this point

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