Consultation about dog control in Charnwood

There is a PSPO in Charnwood about dog control which runs from January 2017 to January 2020.  The Order lasts for three years.

In order to extend or vary the order after January 2020, Charnwood Borough Council are inviting residents and interested parties to consult on the following proposals.

Residents and interested parties are invited to put their comments forward about dog control in Charnwood.

This consultation is the first stage of the consultation process and will form the Notice (proposal) which will then be formally consulted upon.

The consultation is open for six weeks and will close at 5pm on Friday May 3, 2019.  Comments after this point will not be considered.

For further details on the current PSPO and dog control please see the website:

Please indicate next to the question to what extent you agree to the following proposals.

Question Title

* 1. To insist on people picking up dog faeces when in charge of a dog (This will be Borough wide excluding private and agricultural land).

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* 2. Not allowing dogs within a fenced children’s’ play area (fenced on all sides with a sign at the entrance “dogs exclusion area” or similar).

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* 3. To insist that dogs are kept on leads at all times in cemeteries and graveyards.

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* 4. To limit the number of dogs being walked at any one time to ensure they are being kept under proper control (suggest limit if in agreement).

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* 5. Please write in box any further comments, ideas or suggestions
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