Thank you for your interest in this community survey. Due to its nature, you have to be 16 years or older to take part.

The Dumfries and Galloway Violence Against Women and Girls Group (D&GVAWGG) - part of Dumfries and Galloway Public Protection Partnership (D&GPPP) - is gathering residents’ views on issues relating to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). This survey, alongside others in previous years, will be used to measure any change in views on domestic abuse and other forms of violence that mainly affect women and girls. The information, with national and international research, will help inform future action and prevention plans and make interventions relevant and meaningful to communities.

The anonymous survey does not take long to complete and consists of multiple-choice questions. You can comment near the end.

Questions will include gender, age, professional background, the first part of your postcode e.g. DG1, and whether you have had any Violence Against Women and Girls Training, etc. This information will help analyse answers but will not be linked to you in any way. We will not ask for personal information such as name, address, phone number or e-mail address.

The survey closes on Friday February 28 at 12pm. Answers will then be analysed and a summary published on the Public Protection Website to view.

WARNING: Questions and topics addressed in this survey are sensitive and can trigger an emotional response. If you need to talk to someone or need support, you can contact any of the organisations on this link.

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