Improvements and Innovation Award Nomination

This award is an opportunity to showcase improvement and innovation in any area of the Trust’s work. It will be presented to an individual or team that has pioneered or championed an innovative idea or project – large or small – which has led to significant improvements in service delivery, productivity or performance, with improved service user outcomes.

The judging panel will be looking for evidence in the following areas: 

• How the need for improvement(s)/innovation was determined and evaluated.

• How the individual or team explored and developed the innovation/improvement, with evidence of how staff, service users, carers or other individuals or teams were involved in the process.

• How the individual or team has implemented the new or improved service/innovation or delivered a successful project, with an explanation of how all relevant stakeholders were engaged in the change.

• How the individual or team’s innovation or improvement has made a positive impact for other staff, service users, carers or other stakeholders.

• How the individual or team has shown measurable improvements in outcomes for individuals, improvements in productivity or performance as a result of the innovation/project.

• How the individual or team has created a continuous improvement/innovation process and culture.

* We would advise including a testimonial from people that have worked with the individual or team and how it has led to innovation and quality to support your application.