Fraserburgh Rezoning and School Education Provision Consultation

Aberdeenshire Council are currently reviewing primary school provision in Fraserburgh. This follows an initial assessment that school catchment zones in the town were not best serving the community and the annual Condition and Suitability surveys identified school buildings in Fraserburgh which did not meet satisfactory requirements.

In 2016, the initial stage of the consultation provided 8 options for the community to comment on and a poll asked respondents which one they preferred. The results of the initial stage of the consultation indicated a preference for a merger of St Andrews School and Fraserburgh North School into a new build school.

The Council investigated a number of locations for siting a new primary school and found the site that offered the required space and proximity to the pupil population of St Andrew’s School and Fraserburgh North School was the ground adjacent to Fraserburgh Academy.

Consideration has also been given to the commitment by the Scottish Government to expand entitlement for childcare from 600 hours to 1140 hours for two, three and four year olds by 2020. As a result Council officers have investigated converting the St Andrew’s School infant building for use as a nursery facility. Converting this building would give the Council a modern facility with a capacity of approximately 140 children.  

The following survey outlines three options:

1.   Merge Fraserburgh North and St Andrew’s Schools into a new build school with nursery on the Academy campus

2.   Merge Fraserburgh North and St Andrew’s Schools into a new build school on the Academy campus, with nursery provision at converted St Andrew’s infant building

3.   Status quo – leave schools and catchment zones as they are

On the following pages are maps and illustrative plans for the three options and the benefits and disadvantages given for each. Following details on the options there will be the opportunity to indicate your preferred option and to give us your comments.

We would appreciate your feedback on these options.

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