* 1. Enter your individual code here:

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. If you are at school, in which school year are you?

* 4. How do you describe your gender?

* 5. Have you ever identified as transgender?

* 6. How would you describe your sexual orientation?

* 7. What is your religion?

* 8. How would you describe your ethnicity?

* 9. Can you understand, speak, read or write Welsh?

* 10. Do you have a physical or learning disability?

* 11. Do you have experience of a mental health problem?

* 12. Do you know someone who has experience of a mental health problem?

* 13. What sort of words or phrases might you use to describe someone who experiences mental health problems?

* 14. Do you think the following statements are true or false

  True False Not Sure
Mental health problems can happen to anyone
People with mental health problems cannot enjoy friendships, meet challenges or develop their talents
Mental health problems are when someone finds it difficult to learn new skills or information
People with mental health problems can get better
People can have some control over their mental health
People are born with mental health problems

* 15. In the last month, have you talked about mental health with any of these people? (This could include talking about your own mental health, someone else's mental health or having a general discussion about mental health)

  Yes No Not Sure

* 16. Charlie is a student at your school. Charlie has been feeling unusually sad for the last few weeks, is tired all the time and has trouble sleeping at night. Charlie can't concentrate on school work and day to day tasks seem like too much to manage. Charlie's family is worried. How would you feel?

  Definitely Probably Probably Not Definitely Not Don't Know
Would you feel afraid to talk to Charlie?
Would you feel upset or uncomfortable to be in the same class as Charlie?
If you spent more time with Charlie, would you be worried that you could develop these things yourself?
If someone in your family was experiencing similar things to Charlie, would you be worried about your friends finding out?
If you were experiencing similar things to Charlie, would you go for help?

* 17. If you said you would definitely or probably go for help, where would you go? You can tick more than one answer.

* 18. When Charlie returned to school, you noticed another student laughing and calling Charlie 'crazy' during the lunch break. Which of the following would you do? You can tick more than one answer: we want to know what you genuinely think and feel

* 19. On average, how many young people experience mental health problems each year? Tick one answer

* 20. A bit about you:

  Yes No Not Sure
Has anyone in your close family (not including you) ever had mental health problems?
Have you every had mental health problems?
If yes, has anyone at school been unkind to you in the last month because of your mental health problems?