Comments on the current Website 

We are about to start on a project to develop the Website for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (“the Service”).

We would greatly appreciate it if you could complete this survey in order to help us with this.

* 1. Please rate the different aspects of the website as below

  Very Poor Poor Ok Good Excellent 
Ease of Navigation
Welsh language availability/ accessibility

* 2. How do you prefer  to have information presented? Please tick all that apply

* 4. If you answered yes to question 3 please rate these reports using the following criteria?

  Very poor Poor Ok Good Excellent
The design
The information
The value

* 5. If you read the reports which reports do you most often read?

* 6. What is your preferred device for browsing the internet ? Please tick all that apply

* 7. Which is your preferred language for browsing the internet?

* 8. How often do you visit the current website?

* 9. When you visit the website what is your main purpose? Please select one item.

* 10. Please indicate a feature which would be of interest to you? Please select one

* 11. Please rate how important you consider each of these features to be to you?

  Not very important Quite important Very Important
Using  a maximum of three clicks to access information
Information presented more by pictures and video rather than text
Links to social media such as Facebook and Twitter
The site must be easy to use on mobile and tablet devices
Effective and easy to use search facilities

* 12. If you have any other general comments please enter them here.

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