A massive congrats on making it to the end of an epic 2017/18 year here at Roehampton. Thanks for helping us deliver the best experience possible.

In order to improve your experience, we are asking all students to complete this short questionnaire to see how we can improve further your experience.

All responses will be kept anonymous and it will only take you a few minutes to complete. Thanks for taking the time to help us :)

* 1. Thinking of all the services provided by Roehampton Students' Union, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your Students' Union.

* 2. Roehampton Students' Union is contributing positively to your experience at university?

* 3. How often do you visit the RSU and participate in our activities?

* 4. Could you please rate the following RSU services / facilities you have used?

  Did not know about it Not used Poor Average Good Excellent
RSU Social Media
Fresh Magazine
Fresh TV
Fresh Radio
Daytime Events
De-stress Events
Learn to Cook
Learn to Grow
Academic Advice
The Hive Cafe
The Grand
Student Development / Skills Workshops
RSU Conferences (BAME, Womens, LGBT, Level Up, Rep Fest)
Ideas voting page on RSU Website
NUS Extra Card
Programme Reps
Student Mentors / Off Campus Reps
Freshers Fair
Thirsty Thursdays
College Cup
Freshers Events

* 5. To what extent are you aware of Roehampton Students' Union sustainability practices and Growhampton?