Healthwatch Kingston -  Kingston Hospital Complaints Survey 

Do you have you a recent story to tell about your experience of NHS care in Kingston Hospital? Healthwatch Kingston would like you to hear from you. At the time of your visit or afterwards:

•Did you feel comfortable raising your complaint?
•Did you feel you were allowed the opportunity to raise your complaint?
•If you were able to raise your complaint, did you feel listened to?
•What happened because you raised your complaint?

Maybe your family and friends have experiences which they would like to tell us about? It may be that you wish to report on good and positive treatment (this is important) or you would like to comment on problems you have experienced.

For example, procedures about which it would be useful to know about include the following.

· Reception staff

· Appointments e.g letters/ accessible format/cancellations

· Waiting times

· Choice of dates

· Self-check system

· Phone access – easy to call

· Medication/care plan

· Respect and dignity

· Discharge

· Provision of medication/ prescription management

· Transport arrangements

· Observation of satisfactory outcome

· Information given to you about your treatment/diagnosis

Healthwatch Kingston upon Thames has prepared a form for you to report back to us. If you wish to clarify anything please contact 0203 326 1255.

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