FSRH Reduced Membership Subscription Policy

The FSRH has a policy of continuous membership, so if you are looking to recertify your primary FSRH qualification, you will need to pay back the fees for the years missed up to a cap of 5 years. If you believe that you are entitled to the reduced subscription (50%) across all/some of the missing years, you can apply below.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully below before applying for reduced subscription.
Who is eligible to apply for reduced rate of membership subscription?

If your circumstances are listed below, then you are entitled to apply for a 50% reduced subscription rate for 2019.
  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave
Members need to be aware of the following in claiming a reduced subscription with regard to maternity leave in this instance:
 - A member may claim a reduced subscription for maternity leave.
 - Adoption leave is treated as maternity leave for this purpose.
 - A reduced subscription claim cannot be made more than once for the same pregnancy (or adoption).
  • Long term sickness
  • Career break - applicable if earning under our low income threshold, which is currently £23,000.
  • Moving abroad - applicable if earning under our low income threshold, which is currently £23,000.
Reduced subscription rates are only available to members with a qualification:
  • Diplomate members
  • Members
  • Fellows
  • Associates
If you have any questions relating to this policy, please contact the membership team on 020 7724 5534.

How and when to apply
Please complete the online declaration form below, and upload any supporting evidence as to help us assess your situation.

Applications will be reviewed by the FSRH Membership team, and you will be contacted once you application has been approved.

Reinstating full price membership after 1 year
You will be contacted in November / December 2018 to remind you to renew your membership for the following year. Your membership will automatically be reinstated at the full price for the following year.
If at this point you would like to reapply for a futher year of reduced subscription, you will be required to complete the online application form.

Please see the table below: 
Membership Category Full membership rate 2018  Reduced membership rate Refund (difference)
Diplomate £104 £52 £52
Member / Fellow £221 £111 £111
Associate £89 £45 £45