What would you like to see from us?

Hi there,

At Open Opps, we’re looking into ways we can help you win government business. We’d love to know what information would help you win more contracts.

* 1. How valuable would a pipeline of upcoming tenders be to your business?
You’d see a list of contracts that are coming to an end, giving you early insight into upcoming opportunities.

* 2. What sort of market intelligence would you like to see?

* 3. Which of the following features would you find useful?

  Not useful Quite useful Really useful
Download your opportunities in a spreadsheet format
Search by sector (e.g. Health / Local Government)
Search by distance (e.g. opportunities within 200 miles)
Search for a specific buyer (e.g. DWP)
Weekly email digest (rather than daily)
Ability to set when emails are sent (e.g. 09:00)
Ability to set up more than one alert
Receive alerts via Twitter
Search archive of tenders

* 4. What services or functionality would you be willing to pay for?

  Wouldn't pay for Might pay for Would definitely pay for
Advanced search features (e.g. search by sector)
Account managers to help you improve your search
Business intelligence reports (e.g. activity in specific sector)
More flexible alerts
Artificial intelligence to match you to the best opportunities

* 6. We’d love to get in touch to talk more about your feedback. If you'd like to tell us more about the service, just fill in your email.