Listener Survey 2017

Please take the short amount of time to fill in the questionnaire and let us know what you think as it is Your Station for Your Community

* 1. At what times do you listen to radio ?

* 2. What other radio stations do you listen to

* 3. How do you listen to radio

* 4. Music Style - What decades do you identify with in your music choice.

* 5. When it comes to specialist music we at The Cat have dedicated show in the evenings and at weekend. Please indicate the current shows that you do, or would be interested in listening to.

* 6. What other specialist music would you like to hear on The Cat Please indicate shows you would be interested in listening to.

* 7. What shows would you like to have the ability to "Listen Again" to.

* 8. Would you like to hear more of the following features on The Cat

* 9. What is your post code prefix i.e. CW1

* 10. What is your age?