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Request to defer from 2022 to 2023

Please complete this very quick form, and read the 'What’s Next' section at the bottom before you click Submit. 

Please note - one application per form ONLY. Thank you

If you have a place through one of our official charity partners, sponsors or other partners, we will let the charity or partner know that you have requested a deferral, they will then contact you.

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* Please enter your name as per your race entry (without title)

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* Please enter your email - the email used on your race entry.

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* Please enter your postcode used on your race entry. If you have moved, you can update your account before completing this form. 

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* Please add your date of birth


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* Please enter your Entry Order Number (found on your email entry confirmation).

Please note, if at least three of the above do not match, we cannot process your request so please ensure the information is the same as your race entry.

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* Please select the event you wish to defer from

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* Please enter the date of the race you wish to transfer from.

Please complete only one of the two options below

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* If you are requesting a deferral on medical grounds, you must upload your supporting documents - (Doctor or Physio note) here. PLEASE USE YOUR NAME AS THE FILE NAME before uploading your document:

PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG file types only.
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NB - If you do not include your medical documents, your deferral request cannot be processed.

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* If you are requesting a deferral on non-medical grounds, tick the box below to confirm you agree to the £5 deferral fee.

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* Thank you for completing our short form.

What's next:

1. As Survey Monkey doesn't send an automatic confirmation you will NOT receive an email to confirm we have received your request.

2. Don't worry once you have submitted the form your details will be saved.

3. We’ll email you once we’ve processed your request to confirm our decision.

4. If your deferral is successful, when the 2023 race opens for entries, we’ll send you a code to enter. Your code will give you the same entry as you have this year (VIP, AAA, Non-AAA etc.). If you purchased any merchandise on your original order, you will either receive your purchase in the post, a refund or the items may be deferred with your race entry, at the discretion of the organisers. For full terms and conditions see -

5. You have until the race closes to enter.

6. PLEASE TELL US by emailing if you change your email address as your code will be sent to the email we have on your original entry.