Why we are conducting this survey

The housing landscape is changing; the Homelessness Reduction Bill that is currently moving through the House of Lords will place additional duties on local authorities and changes to the way in which supported housing is funded are due to be finalised in 2017.  A number of policies affecting the private rented sector have been introduced or are planned such the rise in stamp duty for buy to let properties and changes to mortgage interest tax relief, which could impact on the supply and affordability of local housing.

Nottingham City Council needs to understand as well as possible the current and expected provision within the sector in the city so that it can assess, prepare and respond to the changes and challenges ahead and ensure its most vulnerable citizens are appropriately housed.  We are interested in learning more about the letting behaviour of landlords that own properties in Nottingham. 

If you are a private sector landlord renting out properties in Nottingham we would be grateful if you would take few minutes to answer the questions within this survey.  We will use the information collected to help us inform the review of the Homelessness chapter of our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Social Inclusion commissioning review, both of which are currently being worked upon.  These valuable pieces of work will ultimately help to influence housing related commissioning and budget decisions.

Your answers may be submitted completely anonymously and we encourage landlords to be as open and honest as possible.  You may leave your contact details at the end of the survey if you wish to do so or if you are interested in attending the specified event.  Please be assured that in this scenario your response to the questions in this survey will be kept anonymous.

* 1. How many properties in Nottingham do you let to private tenants?

* 2. Do you currently or have you ever let to tenants who claim benefits?

* 3. If you don't or choose to no longer let to tenants claiming benefits, what are your reasons for this?

* 4. Do you currently or have you ever let to tenants who were previously homeless?

* 5. If you answered no to question 4, what were your reasons?

* 6. What have been your most common reasons for serving notice on your tenants?

* 7. Please describe how you anticipate planned or proposed policy changes in 2017 (eg. mortgage interest tax relief) may change the way you let properties / manage your portfolio, eg application of stricter criteria, sale of properties etc

* 8. We are holding a stakeholder event to help shape the homelessness chapter of our JSNA and Social Inclusion Commissioning Review on 29th March 2017.  If you are interested in participating in this please state your contact details below.

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