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* 2. Which age bracket do you fit into?

* 3. Which FuturePlay event(s) did you attend?

* 4. How many event(s) did you attend?

* 5. What motivated you to come to the Festival?

* 6. Where did you travel from?

* 7. How long were you in Edinburgh throughout August?

* 8. How did you find out about FuturePlay?

* 9. How easy did you find the website to navigate?

* 10. How would you rate the festival programme as a whole?

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Range of events on offer
Quality of events attended
Visibility and profile

* 11. How did you book tickets?

* 12. Did you engage with any ticket offers? If so what were they? (half price hut, discount flyer, discount code etc.)

* 14. How did you find the festival staff?

* 15. What did you enjoy about the festival?

* 16. What can we improve in future events?

* 17. What would you like to see at FuturePlay Festival in the future?

* 18. How likely are you to recommend FuturePlay to a friend?

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