Consultation on the future of Whitfield Tabernacle

Whitfield Tabernacle is a famous historical building built in 1741 which until 1989 was used by Kingswood residents for a range of community activity. 

The site includes the graveyard, Chapel House, and Masters Church.  This consultation refers to the Tabernacle.

A group of local Councillors have come together with interested colleagues to work together with South Gloucestershire Council, the landowner and CVS South Gloucestershire to secure the future of the Tabernacle site.  The vision is to develop the facilities in Kingswood for local people.

* 1. Do you know about Whitfield Tabernacle?

* 2. Are you interested in the history of the building?

* 3. Do you think there is a need for another community building in Kingswood?

* 4. Are there things that you would like to do in Kingswood now that you can’t at the moment?

* 5. Do you think there will be activities that you or your family may want to do in the next three to five years? 

* 6. This building is situated near Kingswood High Street. It has the potential to provide a unique environment, given the space overlooking the graveyard with plans for a quiet garden. We are keen to recognise the historical significance of the building. 

Are there any activities that you would like to see happening in the building?

For example; performing arts, creative arts, mindfulness activities, cinema, community café, social meeting space – any other ideas? 

* 7. How can you get involved?  There are various ways you can be involved in this project, both now and in the future.

Getting involved now #1:

There is a steering committee which is part of the wider site development which includes the graveyard, currently managed by South Gloucestershire Council.  They are looking for volunteers to help with the maintenance of the graveyard.  Would you be interested in this? 

* 8. Getting involved now #2:

On the Management Committee which currently meets monthly.  This is the group that is leading the project plan and funding applications.  Would you be interested in getting involved? 

* 9. Any comments, issues, ideas, concerns?

* 10. Can we contact you again as this project develops?