Funding Focus Feedback

Our stats show us that approximately 29% of our members and partners have opened Funding Focus in the last 5 months.  To ensure that you are receiving the most relevant funding information for your organisation, please could you complete this short survey, which will help us to design Funding Focus according to your needs and make it even better!  Thanks for your feedback!


* 1. How useful do you find Funding Focus?
Please tick one of the following.

* 2. Which parts of Funding Focus are the most relevant to your organisation?
Tick all that apply

* 3. When searching for funding, how often do you refer to Funding Focus?
Please tick one of the following

* 4. Is the length of Funding Focus..?

* 5. Is the format of Funding Focus easy and quick to open?

* 6. Do you share information or forward Funding Focus with any of the following?
Please tick all that apply.

* 7. We believe that Funding Focus may not be going to the right person in every organisation.  After this survey is complete, your organisation will be asked to sign up to receive this funding news.   Is Funding Focus going to the right person in your organisation?

* 8. Please could you let us know how we can improve Funding Focus to suit your organisational needs?