Have your say on investment plans to improve Scunthorpe market

North Lincolnshire Council is continuing with its ambitious £60m plans to transform Scunthorpe town centre. Now residents, businesses and market traders are all being asked to take part in a consultation exercise this month for Scunthorpe market led by North Lincolnshire Council. The consultation will seek views from people to inform the future direction, location and investment for Scunthorpe’s market.

North Lincolnshire Council operates three markets in North Lincolnshire in Scunthorpe, Ashby and Brigg and the consultation takes place following a similar exercise in Ashby earlier this year. The consultation takes place during a period of significant investment for markets in North Lincolnshire, following a £800,000 project to create a new market for Ashby rapidly approaching its successful completion which will see 30 new stalls created in the Broadway area of Ashby alongside significant highways and footpath improvements.

Shoppers and traders are being asked to give their views on a variety of topics including their current usage of the market, what types of market they would like to see in the town, where they feel the best location for a market is and what is most important to them in a market service. These views will then be considered to determine a plan of investment for Scunthorpe market.

3D videos of what the future market provision could look like have been designed and published for consultees, which can be accessed via the following links: https://vimeo.com/225961426/ab8d606247, and https://vimeo.com/230722257/33dc21dcf3.

The consultation exercise is open from Monday 4 September to Wednesday 4 October 2017. For more details visit www.northlincs.gov.uk/current-consultations. Your views will be considered to determine a plan of investment for Scunthorpe Market.

* 1. Are you a:

* 2. As a member of the public do you shop at Scunthorpe Market?

* 3. As a shopper at Scunthorpe Market do you use the:

* 4. How regularly do you visit?

* 5. Do you feel the current market is fit for purpose?

* 6. Where do you think is the best location for the market?

* 7. Would you like to see the development of a street market in Scunthorpe?

* 8. What is most important to you at a future market?

* 9. What type of markets would you like to see in Scunthorpe?

* 10. Any other comments about Scunthorpe Market