Introduction to the AgroCycle survey

AgroCycle is a 3 year project funded by the EU (Horizon 2020). AgroCycle's main aim is to increase the recycling and valorisation of Agricultural Waste, Co-products and By-products (AWCB) 10% by 2020, across the EU and China. The project will further develop, demonstrate and validate novel processes, practices and products for the sustainable use of AWCB. To read more about the project see

We want to know your view of the key barriers and opportunities to valorising (utilisation for higher value) agricultural and food supply chain by-products, co-products and 'wastes' - such as straw, slurry, forestry residues, livestock wastes, unsold bumper crops, potato peelings, food processing residues, unsold retail food eg. bread.

We are looking for stakeholder views operating in the EU (UK included) across the supply chain - from farm to processing/manufacture, logistics, storage, and retail.

Barriers can be anything preventing you utilising AWCB including issues with: communication, feedstock, market, policy and logistics etc.

Opportunities could be anything you have knowledge of to develop the recycling or valorisation of AWCB, such as: underutilised feedstocks, and new business models, products, markets, process technologies and initiatives.

We want to know what actions are necessary to recycle and valorise more AWCB. You're opinions are vital to help develop the utilisation of agri-food wastes, for a future circular bioeconomy.

This survey should take about 5 mins to complete.

If you have any questions please contact Dr Caitlin Burns, NNFCC, York, UK

* 1. Which country(s) do you operate in?

* 2. Which stage in the agri-food value chain do you operate in?

* 3. What type of feedstock(s) do you mainly deal with (or are hoping to develop)?

* 4. What type of agricultural wastes/co-products/by-products (AWCB) do you currently generate or utilise?

* 5. How do you utilise the agricultural wastes, by-products, or co-products? (Including up/down the value chain)

* 6. What are the key barriers that prevent your AWCB valorisation/recycling business developing or growing? What actions are needed to lift them? (From any part of the supply chain, and any type of issues with eg. communication, feedstock, market, logistics, policy).

* 7. What are the key opportunities you can see to utilise agri wastes, by-products and co-products, particularly into higher value markets? What actions are needed to create opportunities? (eg. new business models)

* 8. Your name

* 9. Organisation

* 10. Role 

* 11. Email address

* 12. Phone Number  (We may use your contact details to follow up to ask more about the answers you have provided, or to invite you to the AgroCycle stakeholder workshop for further engagement on the topics in this survey. We will not use your details for other purposes such as marketing or provide to third parties)