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*The minimum subscription period for schools for Teach Primary is one year. We operate a rolling subscription renewal process. This means we will automatically renew your school’s subscription package every year unless we hear from you in writing. We will inform you each year of the date by which you need to cancel your subscription if you want to cancel. If you do not cancel in writing by the specified date your subscription will be automatically renewed for a further year, and we will continue sending you your requested number of copies and invoice your school for a further year. Cancellations received after the specified date will not be accepted. Invoices will be sent annually in advance and are payable within 30 days.  Quoted subscription prices are guaranteed for one year, and we reserve the right to increase the subscription prices for any subsequent subscription year. Your details will be processed by Maze Media (2000) Ltd. in full accordance with data protection legislation. By completing this form you are giving your consent for Maze Media (2000) Ltd. and sister companies to contact you with information of other services and publications we provide which may be of interest