Working to promote the writing opportunities available to young people in the UK.

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* 1. What is your name?

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* 2. What is your email address?

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* 3. What is your occupation and where are you based?

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* 4. Use the space below to list writing opportunities for young people. Include as much detail as you can, such as the opportunity’s title, date, time, address, price, and any links the opportunity may have.
For example: “An author visit from Jacqueline Wilson at Bath Festivals, Sunday 14th May 10.30am, in Bath Forum, Adults £8, Children £4, [a link to the Bath Festivals website]” or “A helpful website with free writing resources for young people: [LINK]” or “A poetry club for year four pupils at St Catherine’s Primary, Bristol, Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm, £20 per pupil per term”

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* 5. If you are a library, festival, business, school, or venue, how much is your organisation planning to invest in creative writing activities per year? How would you expand and develop your creative writing activities if you had extra resources and/or support? (Optional)

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* 6. What is your involvement with the opportunity you have submitted?

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* 7. If you had to categorise the opportunities you have submitted, which of the following would you choose? Please click all that apply.

Frequently asked Questions

Will my opportunity automatically feature on the new platform that Paper Nations is launching this spring?
We will endeavour to add all children’s writing opportunities to the new platform so that writing support is more visible to young people and their families. Please note, this may not always be possible due to limits on time and resources.

With the interest of safety, if you are a writing tutor or individual providing services, we may send a follow up email to make sure your services are suitable to broadcast to young people.

How we will use your information:
Where possible, we will upload the information you give us about opportunities (such as times, dates, locations, etc.) onto the new interactive platform that we are launching this spring. The platform will feature an events calendar, an interactive map, and a celebration/publishing page. Your opportunities may feature in any of these sections, depending on the type of opportunity you submit. For instance, a competition or festival event might feature on our publishing page, whereas a creative writing centre would feature on our interactive map. The information may also feature in case studies and other public facing documents.

We will NOT publish information that identifies how you or your organisation invest in creative writing without further explicit written permission from you. However, this information may be publicly shared in anonymised form, and it may feed into research into creative writing across the UK. The information may, also, be shared within the team and could inform future partnership offers to you (see below).

We will not publish your email or contact details without written permission from you, but we may share this information with members of our team.

By completing this survey you are agreeing that we can use the information that you provide in the manner described above.

How do I become a Paper Nations Partner?
Paper Nations operates in partnership with schools, festivals, businesses, organisations, and venues. We will be launching an appeal for new partners soon in connection with the new platform that we are launching this spring. We may use the information that your provide to assess what type of partnership we can offer you (this could range from a commitment to publish your event on our website through to an offer of extra resources to support your activity). Should you provide us with information via this survey, we may send you a follow up email to discuss the possibility of a partnership between our organisations.