We are interested in understanding better who is using the Cambridge Cluster Map, and why, to help us improve it and make it even better. So we would be grateful if you could spare 2 mins and answer the following questions below. If you wish to remain anonymous then please ignore certain questions, but note that if you do provide your contact details then we will be able to contact you when we undertake updates of the data on the map, as well as send you the Cambridge Ahead newsletter (1-2 times per year). We will only contact you about updates and, if requested, the newsletter – nothing else.

* 1. Why are you visiting the Camclustermap today? (check any that apply)

* 2. What country are you accessing the map from?

* 3. What best describes you/your organisation?

* 4. How did you hear about the Camclustermap?

* 5. What Industrial Sector in Cambridge interests you? (tick any that apply)

* 6. What improvements would you like to see to the Camclustermap?

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