1. Introduction

We estimated it will take you between 20-30 minutes to complete.

This survey is aimed at early career dementia researchers, or those who have previously been an early career dementia researcher but have left the field. This global survey is aimed at researchers from all fields of research. It asks questions about you and your research, how you are supported in your field, for your perceptions on how opportunities and support could be improved, and about the research culture that you work within.

This survey is being conducted by Adam Smith, NIHR Programme Director, adam.smith@ucl.ac.uk who works within the Office of the NIHR National Director for Dementia Research at University College London, it is being undertaken to inform work being undertaken by University College London and the Alzheimer's Association International Society to Advance Alzheimer's Research and Treatment (ISTAART) Professional Interest Area to Elevate Early Career Researchers (PEERS) and the World Dementia Council.

The survey contains a maximum of 168 questions (but you will probably be presented with far fewer).

The study is titled - ISTAART Early Career Dementia Researcher Survey and the results of this survey will be published to help institutions and research funders, to understand the thoughts of early career dementia researchers. The results will also be used to guide the development of future ISTAART programs and resources and shared with the World Dementia Council.

Informed Consent

If you agree to participate in this study, you will be required to complete this survey, which asks questions about you and your research, how you are supported in your field, for your perceptions on opportunities, the support you receive and how this could be be improved, and the research culture that you work within.

The survey will ask you questions which are considered sensitive in nature i.e. ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. It also includes questions which may be upsetting or distressing e.g. Your experiences of certain types of bullying or prejudice, please note these questions are not mandatory, and you can skip any questions which you do not want to answer. Should the survey result in you experiencing any form of distress, please consider contacting your GP or your institutions HR Department for local assistance you will also find a list of support organisations for the country where you are based on Check Point - https://checkpointorg.com/global/

Participating in this study may not benefit you directly, but it will help us learn how people working in this research field (and especially at the early career stages) can be better supported. We will use the results to inform the production of advice and guidance for research institutions, research funders and regulatory bodies.

If you participate in this study, you will not receive any payment for your time.

This study is being conducted by Adam Smith - adam.smith@ucl.ac.uk, Programme Director, who is funded by the National Institute for Health Research, based at University College London. The study design and survey questions were devised by the ISTAART PEERS Executive Committee, which includes 9 early career dementia researchers, it was piloted in May 2021 by 14 early career researchers, and updated as a result of their feedback. The survey results, but not individual responses, will be used by the Alzheimer's Association PIA to Elevate Early Career Dementia Researchers.

There are two main criteria to participate in this study:

(1) You identify as an early career researcher (pre-tenure) or did within the last 2 years if you have left the profession;

(2) You currently or previously worked in the field of dementia or related neurodegenerative diseases research

The information you will share with us if you participate in this study will be kept completely confidential to the full extent of the law.

This study has been approved by University College London Research Ethics Committee - and given ethics number 21275/001

Please note:

- Please be be aware that you cannot withdraw after taking part as the questionnaire is collected anonymously, however you can quit the survey at any point during completion and your information will not be used.
- From the 168 questions 12 are mandatory.
- The information you provide will be managed in accordance with GDPR full details of UCL privacy policy are available at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/legal-services/sites/legal-services/files/general_privacy_notice_v3.1_0.pdf
- Your answers will be collected and held within Survey Monkey, in the data centre local to your country.
- Your submission will be collected anonymously, and the survey software will not retain your computer's IP address.
- The website uses https:// which means your survey responses are sent over a secure, encrypted connection.

Reporting concerns and registering complaints

Complaints or concerns should be addressed to adam.smith@ucl.ac.uk if you are not satisfied with the response you should email ethics@ucl.ac.uk

Question Title

* I have read and understood the information provided and are happy to proceed.

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