East Ayrshire Council consults annually with tenants, tenants’ and residents’ groups and the East Ayrshire Federation on our proposals relating to rent setting. 

This year, the Rent Setting consultation period will run from 4 December 2017 until 12 January 2018 inclusive.

We will use the feedback to prepare a report for a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet Committee in February 2018 at which point Elected Members will decide the level of rent increase for Council tenants in the year 2018-19.

We will then write to inform you what your new rent charge will be for 2018-19 at least four weeks in advance of any changes that may occur.


Last year the Council set out two options for increasing rents and undertook a comprehensive consultation exercise between December 2016 and January 2017.  

We were delighted with the number of responses.  Of the 194 received, 154 (79.38%) said they preferred Option 1, which was to increase rents by 3.12%.  As part of the rent setting process a report, which contained details of the consultation and feedback, was discussed and a proposal to increase rents by 3.12% was approved by Elected Members at the February 2017 Cabinet meeting.

This year, we would be delighted if even more people took the time to respond to the consultation and we will be asking tenants, tenants’ and residents’ groups and the East Ayrshire Federation to promote the consultation.


This year, we are asking our tenants, tenants’ and residents’ associations to select their preferred option for 2018/19.  


In previous years tenants have been strongly supportive of continuing to harmonise rents.  Through this process, all Council tenants across East Ayrshire are moving towards paying the same rent for properties of the same size and type.  As part of the rent setting process for 2018/19 we will also be continuing work to harmonise rents.

The options detailed in this consultation leaflet are exclusive of rent harmonisation which would also be applied as previously agreed by East Ayrshire Council’s Cabinet in October 2015.


To pay for the significant investment required and based on our plan to improve existing Council houses and provide more new homes, we must borrow money and make repayments over a number of years. Part of the money you pay goes towards servicing these loan charges so we can deliver the modernisation and new build programmes.

The Housing Capital Investment Programme sets out how much money the Council plans to spend on improving existing Council houses and providing new ones. Our spending commitment for 2017/18 is shown below:

Housing Capital Investment Programme       (£million)
Modernisation/Extensions                                £14.260m
New Affordable Housing                                  £4.610m
Total                                                                £18.870m

Last year as part of our budget and rent setting process, we increased rents by 3.12% for 2017/18.  

The total budgeted income from housing rents for 2017/18 is £45,907,000

Thank you for taking the time to take part in this consultation.