Thank you for participating in the survey, your feedback will form part of an analysis of the use and welfare of rodents in cancer studies.
The survey is open for data collection until 29 October 2021. We estimate it will take up to an hour to complete the full survey, but please note that it does not have to be completed in one session as your answers will be automatically saved and you can return to the survey at your convenience.

Aim and scope
The Guidelines for the welfare and use of animals in cancer research have been widely used by the cancer research community internationally to support good practice in the use of animals. The guidelines were last updated in 2010 and given the advances in science and technology since then it is now timely to review and update. This process is being conducted under the auspices of the NC3Rs and NCRI. To help facilitate the revision we are conducting a survey of current practice focusing on the use of rodents. The survey findings will be used to help identify opportunities to apply the 3Rs in cancer research and the anonymised and collated data will be published as part of the revision of the guidelines.

We welcome responses from those involved in the planning or conduct of cancer research involving animals either in academia or industry. Ideally, there would be one response from each research group such that there may be multiple responses from the same establishment.

Data management
Any personal data collected in this survey will be treated in strict confidence and only used for the context of this survey. The survey data collected will be anonymised and only the blinded data will be reviewed and collated within the dataset. The NC3Rs data management plan for this survey is available on request (please email

Possible risks and benefits
There are no anticipated risks to you if you take part in the survey, nor are there likely to be any adverse effects.
There are no direct benefits to you taking part in this survey; however, your involvement will help us gather useful information on the use of rodents in cancer research and on current and emerging practices and trends in the field.                     
Ethics approval 
Ethics approval has been given by the Royal Veterinary College (URN SR2021-0160).

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