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Thanks very much for your interest in participating in our agile and design led innovation initiative.  Please  provide brief details of your organisation and interest in participating.  We will come back you directly to discuss you participation and how you can get the best out of participating.  We look forward to recieving your completed form.

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We will be running two complimentary initiatives during the NWG Festival of Innovation.  Both have the same goal overall.  This will include:

A design sprint:  Focussing on discovering and creating novel solutions using sensors, systems, tools combined and applied in novel ways, or through the development of new concepts on sprint.  The output focus will be development of business cases for R&D or commercial investment.

A Hackathon:  Focussing on data analytics and business intellgence developments that compliment solutions or create new possibilities.

* 5. Would you like to participate principally in the design sprint or the hackathon?

* 6. If you said yes to the hackathon, are you interested in one of the 8 sponsored places?

* 7. What do you feel your team can best add to this initiative?

Thank you for getting involved.  We will be in touch shortly with more details. 

In the meantime, please go to HERE to register for the broader innovation festival. 

Remember...Tickets are free for sprint/ hack participants!

Simply select the Leakage sprint in your registration and we will do the rest!