Cranham Primary School Consultation on Draft Admission Policy 2018/19

The school’s admission policy is used to decide which children the school will offer places to and the priorities give by the school when allocating its places in circumstances where the number of applicant exceeds the number of places available.  If places are not oversubscribed then a place will be offered regardless of whether the priorities are met.  The school is required to consult with interested groups to determine whether its criteria for offering places is fair and to take into account responses to this consultation before implementing its policy.  The Admissions policy for 2018/19 can be read by clicking here

* 1. From the information available do you understand why we are consulting?

* 2. Do you understand how Cranham School allocates places?

* 3. Where do you live?

* 4. Are you a:

* 5. Cranham School is committed to ensuring that family life is supported by the school.  How important is itthat the children should be able to walk to school?

* 6. How important is it that the children should be within a 5 miles drive from school?

* 7. 'Sibling' refers to brother sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister of the child of the parents/carers partner, living at the same address, as well as children who are brought together as a family by a same sex civil partnership.
Are there any circumstances where children should be considered siblings which are not covered by our definition?

* 8. Cranham is a Church of England School.  It accepts applications from children of all religions and none and gives priority to families who worship regularly in the Church of England only after children in care, siblings and proximity to the school have been taken into account.
Do you consider the order of priority stated in the draft admissions policy to be appropriate?

Thank you for taking the time to answer this consultation survey.  If you have any questions on admissions policy for the school please contact Anne Nolan, Head Teacher at Cranham C of E Primary School by email at or call 01452 812660.