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Thank you for coming here, we are yu-scan, a health tech start up @ Bristol Robotics Laboratory & are passionate about creating an exciting & engaging device for our consumers to track & pursue health & wellness now.  
Its not all about fitness so we will give away for free a research proven training tool as discussed below as a thank you for completing the questionnaire. Also, as a thank you, your details will enter a draw for one of the next hundred people to win a £20 Amazon voucher.  
We would love your help to find out about your massive health challenge and how much it means to  you.
 for example you might be,
·         Struggling to find time to exercise and its really important to you. Ok, well lets dig down. Is it hard to find time or is it really knowing how to make commitments to yourself (look up RPM on Google), or is it better to dramatically improve the training to deliver the results you want. So we could not only track you, but also be there to advise you on say one single exercise that could radically improve your heart health?  Research proven. What if this exercise only took 15 seconds and you wouldn’t need to constantly wear a wrist strap ever again to be tracked? Now would you like that?  Would you still be struggling to find time with us around? When you complete the questionnaire,  we'll give you that training method for free.

·         This is just one of the many health & wellness challenges we want to hear about. Click on the link below and tell us your main challenge & how strong is your drive.

·         You don’t even need to leave your email.

Many thanks, yu-scan team. 

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* 1. What is the single biggest health challenge that you're struggling with in your health right now?

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* 2. Of the most important one you ticked above, how strong is the drive for you to make improvements in your lifestyle.

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* 3. Leave your email. We want to keep in touch with details of our health tracker device created with you in mind & to potentially win a £20 voucher. We will not sell or release your email address and will treat all responses in confidence.

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* 4. Tell us whatever else is on your mind