What are your biggest legal issues? What is affecting your business at this difficult time? How can we help?

Our recently formed Legal Resources Select initiative, which includes five of the very best law firms in Scotland chosen for their experience and understanding of the social care sector, wants to hear from you and give you their input and legal advice! All you have to do is answer this very short survey which will take you less than 5 minutes!  

We will gather all your feedback and share with the Scottish Care Legal Select group. They will bring their best and brightest specialists on the areas that YOU HAVE HIGHLIGHTED to an upcoming Legal Webinar Panel happening on Friday December 11th.  Each of the five law firms will have a specialist to speak to your concerns based on the results of this survey.  They will also answer your legal questions in real time in the webinar so make sure to fill out the survey and come on the day.  

More details coming soon but first  WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!!! As a reminder, the goal of the Scottish Care Legal Select initiative is to offer a broad range of legal services to all of you and this is your time to tell us – and them – what you need support with. They will provide the answers!

For more information on the Scottish Care Legal Resources Select Group please go to our website: https://scottishcare.org/legal-resources-select/

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* 1. Please provide your name, organisation and title.

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* 2. What are the top 5 legal issues concerning you or that you see affecting the sector at this time? 

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* 3. Regarding the top 5 legal issues that you have identified in the question above, please include any and all additional detail if you can so our law firms can better support you.

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* 4. What are you looking for in a law firm?

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