* 1. If the structure of the Saturday league were to be changed in 2018 what would you prefer?

* 2. What start time would you prefer

* 3. How many overs would you prefer in the bottom 3 divisions (4,5 and 6)

* 4. The league are proposing to offer a 25 over competition only next year on Sundays including a more competitive top tier. Would your Club enter?

* 5. The Sunday T25 competition has a number of options for the format. Please tick those you are in favour of

* 6. We want to help Clubs who may struggle to get players to commit so would like to know how your Club gets players each week

* 7. There is a move towards coloured clothing in League cricket. Please indicate your view on this

* 8. Do you have any ideas to improve the League and help attract more players to play next season

* 9. Discipline is a factor in player satisfaction. Would you be in favour of any of the following (please select any that apply)