As has been discussed in a few of July’s meetings, we have recently drafted a green paper on Data Utility (attached via email) and would like to share it with you as part of a consultation phase.

 The paper covers:

- The evaluation of Data Utility, including the Matrix development and Metadata improvement
- Data Quality Tools
- Data Standards
- Next steps
- The current version of the Data Utility Evaluation Matrix MVP and list of interview use cases.

Thank you to all who have inputted into this paper so far. We would be grateful for your feedback as to how the paper can be further developed. To do this we have created the below survey to gather your responses, which should take just under 15 mins to complete. We will be closing the survey on COP Monday 21st September.

Your comments and feedback will help to improve the utility of our health data for research and innovation. Responses will be aggregated for analysis and communications.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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