The 15 images below were entered in the Pet Personalities category of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2016 competition.

Now it's up to you to vote for your favourite to win the People's Choice Award! When deciding who to vote for, have a think about which photo best captures the pet's character or tells a story about them.

You can only vote for ONE photograph, so choose carefully.

1) 'Stretch out' by Sophie Nash, aged 13

2) 'Jungle queen' by Lissi Hamilton, aged 17

3) 'Lazy day' by Abe Smith, aged 16

4) 'Dog' by Nathan Thomas, aged 14

5) 'Eye spy' by Eleanor Lovejoy, aged 16

6) 'Sansa' by Kharis Dickenson, aged 18

7) 'Fish' by Emmy Rose, aged 16

8) 'Beach breeze' by Abigail Price, aged 15

9) 'Tunnel vision' by Zoe Pickard, aged 18

10) 'Hey brother, you make a great pillow' by Erin Pringle, aged 17

11) 'Beach ball' by Alicia Hayden, aged 17

12) 'Timber' by Freja Petrie, aged 18

13) 'My smiling dog' by Emily Robbins, aged 17

14) 'Prehistoric feed' by Steph Toogood, aged 17

15) 'Bruce the Yorkshire terrier after a swim' by Jessica Llewellyn, aged 17