The draft sets out standards for the provision of quality learning and assessment of competencies for people working in the humanitarian sector. The Standards are being developed based on best practice, evidence and consensus regarding quality provision of learning and assessment of competencies. As the drafting process continues certain issues have arisen on which the writers and their review groups have not reached an agreement. We collected these issues and are presenting them to you in this Feedback form.
The online consultations include two components:
  • A survey on specific technical issues (available here)
  • Review of the draft standards via this feedback form
Please use this form to provide comments and suggestions on Draft 1 of the Standards, which is available online here

For each comment, please specify which section(s) it relates to (for example Common Commitments – Commitment 1). Please provide an explanation for each comment. You can submit up to 5 comments in this form; if you wish to add to add more comment you can fill in this forms multiple times. You can also download this same form and email it to

When reading the draft Standards, please keep the following questions in mind:

  • Should any of the Commitments or Quality Criteria be changed?
  • Are any of the Commitments or Quality Criteria inappropriate?
  • Do you think there are missing Commitments or Quality Criteria?
  • Can you recommend any associated Key Actions?
  • Do you have any feedback about the structure of the Standards?
  • What other information may be suitable to include, either in the introduction text or main body?
  • Do you have any feedback on the infographics used to illustrate the Standards?

You will be asked if you want to keep your contributions anonymous or provide your contact information for follow-up.