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Thank you for taking part in the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner’s Precept survey.

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is seeking the views of residents who pay council tax in the Merseyside area in relation to the amount you will pay as part of your council tax towards policing for 2019/2020.


Approximately 83% of Merseyside’s budget comes from government grants. The rest comes from you, local taxpayers, in the form of a policing precept payment on your annual Council Tax bill. The police precept is ring fenced and only used to pay for the police service.

After eight years of cutbacks, the Government announced in December that Police and Crime Commissioners would have the flexibility to increase the amount local taxpayers pay towards policing through their Council Tax by an additional £2 a month for a Band D property.

This funding would not reverse eight years of austerity that has left Merseyside Police with the lowest number of officers since the early 1980s. It also fails to address the increasing pressures the Force faces in terms of price and pay inflation. However it would provide some desperately needed investment which would ensure Merseyside Police is much better placed to meet the increasingly complex demand it faces.

Here on Merseyside, the majority of people live in a Band A property. If you live in one of those properties, this increase would work out as an extra 31p a week or £16 a year - increasing your bill from £118.65 to £134.65 a year.

This increase would generate an extra £9.8m for Merseyside which, following discussions with the Chief Constable, the Police and Crime Commissioner has announced will be used to keep Merseyside Police afloat and be used towards recruiting 40 new officers.

Without this money and with increasing costs due to pay and price inflation, the Force would be facing further cuts.

Before making a decision on whether to make the increase expected by the Government, Jane wants to hear your views.

Would you be prepared to pay an extra 31p a week for a Band A Property on your Council Tax to protect your police service and help recruit 40 new police officers?

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