The work of the UK2070 Commission will be informed by communications we receive through a Call for Evidence, where policymakers, politicians, and the general public can submit evidence or opinions on the future of city and regional development in the UK. Our Call for Evidence is now open, and will remain so until 16 November 2018.

The Call for Evidence is based on a number of propositions being put forward by the Commission relating to:
  • The nature, extent and causes of the deep-rooted inequalities in the UK.
  • The future prospects about risk that these inequalities will persist or worsen.
  • The opportunities to redress these inequalities by policies and programmes at different levels of government.
More detail can be found in our report ‘Call For Evidence’ – which is available for download here.

All are invited to contribute – policymakers; politicians, and the general public – evidence is sought on the nature, causes and solutions to the embedded spatial inequalities across the UK. 

Sixteen questions are posed to help in gather evidence. These are grouped into three topics:
  1. Current challenges
  2. Future risks
  3. Future opportunities
Answers can be supplied in the next 3 pages of this 'Survey Monkey'. We welcome further material or links to supporting material already available, which can be emailed to

Responses will be taken into account by the Commissioners and will help inform their final report. For more information on the work of the UK2070 Commission and the call for evidence please visit the UK2070 website.