I'm asking for your help to finalise a service to help Survivors to sustain work--and to thrive in a Career when the time is right.
Survivors have shaped this proposal based on their own experiences--but we need your views as well. We feel it's time to take practical steps to remove the stigma of Childhood Abuse and for us to get the support and recognition we deserve in the workplace.

How the Service will help Survivors

A virtual support network: a secure and anonymous website where you can get help, support from other Survivors and advice; including:
  • Individual coaching to help you overcome workplace issues  
  • Independent specialist HR Advice
  • Independent clinical or therapeutic support for workplace issues
  • Workplace support throughout from Day 1 and throughout your working life if you require it
The Service will also include Workshops and training for Employers and Managers so that they understand the impact of our Childhood Abuse. We think that raising awareness is an important element.
Note: the Service will be free for Survivors

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