The Microbiology Society is converting our sound science journal, Access Microbiology, into an open research platform in October 2021, and we need your feedback.

The goal of the platform is to offer a new publishing model to the microbiology community that delivers greater peer-review transparency to help fast-track the communication of valuable research. The platform will feature artificial intelligence (AI) review tools to help authors improve their work, and the posting of article versions as preprints, AI review reports, reviewer reports, Editor comments and author responses, to ensure a fully transparent peer review process. Accepted articles will be typeset and published in their final Version of Record form.

Access Microbiology covers the entirety of microbiology and virology, and is designed to encourage publication of replication studies, negative or null results, research proposals, data management plans, additions to established methods, whilst the publication criteria is based on methodological rigour rather than novelty. Converting to an open research platform aims to increase transparency and openness, and therefore rigour and reproducibility of the research.

We want to find out what you think about ways to ensure the peer review process is transparent, how we should deposit data and the types of research we should publish.

The survey is anonymous and should take less than five minutes to complete. The results of the survey will be published in a short report.

Please complete the survey by Friday 14 May.